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Posted on January 30th, 2016 By Joanna Byerley No Comments

As you have probably gathered, here at Research Talent Hub’s HQ, we like to party hard, but we also like to get back into the routine of the new year and the disciplines that come with it! All January we’ve been trying hard to eat the right things and to get back into the habit of going to the gym and back to netball etc. We are now at the point in the new year when the resolutions are starting to go out of the window and we might not be quite as ‘on it’ as we were a few weeks ago. So, this week we are going to try and give you that encouragement to stay on the straight and narrow for this weekend at least! But it can be terribly boring can’t it not having any treats? Well, we’ve discovered a place where sticking to your guns is what it’s all about….

Opened just a few weeks ago by food entrepreneur Lily Simpson is the new (she already has one!) Detox Kitchen Deli in Fitzrovia. Here it’s all about seasonal eating with good whole ingredients that are free from refined sugar, wheat and dairy, all set in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Eating really well is what it’s all about here.

So if you’re interested, after your market research job hunting and jog on Saturday morning why don’t you head to the Detox Kitchen Deli for lunch? Perhaps see you there?

If you insist on perusing jobs in market research whilst at lunch we have a fantastic assortment of roles in both quantitative and qualitative research and media analytics at all levels. Please have a look at selection of our jobs here or get in touch as some market research jobs never get advertised (they are snapped up to quickly by super savvy candidates).

Hot Market Research Jobs this week are:

  • Sector Head at Media Consultancy – up to 100k
  • Qualitative Research Executive or SRE at Strategic Insight Consultancy – up to £38k
  • Qualitative Associate Director at Global Insight & Brand Consultancy – up to £65k
  • Qualitative Research Director or AD at really cool Boutique Agency – up to 70k +
  • Quant Research Manager at cutting edge Insight & Strategy Agency – up to £35k
  • Qualitative Project Manager at Strategic Research Agency – up to £35k
  • Online Project Manager with Italian at leaders in Tech & Online Communities – up to £35k
  • Automotive SRE at the fasted growing and multi Award Winning Boutique – up to £30k
  • Quant SRE at Leaders of Financial Research – up to £26k
  • Senior Research Consultant & Project Manager – Hybrid Custom Research role up to £40k
  • Media & Entertainment Research Manager at Mid-Size Agency – up to £41k
  • International Media Manager at Media Analytics Consultancy – up to £32k
  • Quant Research Director at specialist Energy Consultancy – up to £65k
  • Quant Project Manager at global Loyalty Leaders – up to £35k
  • Quant Associate Director at Leading Consumer Innovation Consultancy – up to £48k


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