Your Monday’s Goals Revisited

17 May 2016 Joanna Byerley

Happy Monday!

We hope you had a glorious weekend and are excited about the new week and its challenges. I find that being organised on Mondays sets the mood for the rest of the week. My ‘To Do List’ is getting longer and more colorful minute by minute (I am obsessed with highlighters and for some reason really like the green one!). Some people think ‘Tasks’, ‘KPI’s’ and ‘To Do Lists’ are a total waste of time. I personally love being focused and find that those lists help me to stay on track and deliver on expectations of my market research candidates and clients.

One of the top priorities for me this week is to find an experienced B2B Market Research Consultant (SRE or RM level) for a fantastic market research job Ive been briefed on by a very enthusiastic client! I love this specialist agency for their entrepreneurial spirit and very high levels of energy!

The B2B Consultant will work on international projects with Business-to-Business research experts.

If you are wondering what’s the difference between consumer research and business to business research and why you might want to make a switch from B2C to B2B here are some opening facts:

  • B2B and B2C meet different need and require different skill in researchers.
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) markets are characterized differently than Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets.  B2B markets involve more complex buying decisions, derived demand from B2C markets, fewer supplier options, smaller customer base, more personal relationships, more technical products, and the list goes on.
  • Business-to-business companies need to understand their markets as much as consumer-led ones . Around two fifths of the UK’s largest publicly traded companies (the FTSE 100) are B2B!
  • ESOMAR estimates that a whopping 16 times more is spent on B2C than B2B research despite the fact that B2B research is an economic powerhouse. One of the reasons for this state of affairs might be that B2B companies are often heavily engineering & sales-driven. This means that the marketing function can be easily side-lined. In addition B2B purchase decisions might be more ‘rational’ and this focus on ‘rational criteria’ can move company bosses away from remembering who the customer is and what they need.
  • The information age means that potential B2B Buyers are more informed and independent than ever because they use the Internet to educate themselves, learn through word of mouth and narrow down the list of potential suppliers! The result is that much of the decision making process is not invisible to potential suppliers. So as the gap between buyers and suppliers grows, B2B companies need mechanism. They need business-to-business research!

So what can you expect from the B2B role we are currently recruiting for? Quite a  lot actually …

First of all it’s a Quant-Qual role and these don’t come along very often! The team are truly inspirational and you’ll learn from the best in the industry! They demonstrate infectious levels of passion, energy and determination to get the job done to the highest possible standards. The team deliver insights that generate real competitive edge for their clients across different B2B sectors including Technology, Financial & Professional Services, Transport, Industrial, Media, Education and Publishing. They invest heavily in their staff’s professional and personal development and have very high employee retention levels. This is because the agency encourages lateral thinkers & highly curious individuals and believes that their contribution deserves to be recognised with rapid career development. You will be working on ad-hoc, international projects and addressing strategic challenges with the world’s leading brands.

And what about you? How are you going to fit in…?

What sets you apart from other researchers is your entrepreneurial mind-set, impeccable client management abilities and readiness to push boundaries! You thrive in a relaxing and social culture that encourages strategic thinking and business savviness. B2B research experience is a bonus but the agency will consider ambitious research professionals from consumer research or ‘non-research’ backgrounds such as brand consultancy or marketing. You are an experienced Project Manager with ability to manage custom quant/qual research projects from inception to delivery. You are also a great ‘story teller’ with a natural talent to derive engaging insight and strategic recommendations from primary and secondary data. The role will suit a flexible, creative Senior Research Exec or Research Manager’s level candidate who is keen to question and challenge. You will be excited by the idea of applying research and insight to clients’ strategic issues, not just ‘doing’ research.

Send us your CV via Research Talent Hub if you are interested in this role! Enjoy the rest of your Monday and stay focused!