When to start looking for a new job

3 June 2016 Joanna Byerley

Sometimes it’s really obvious when you need to start looking for that next move in the market research industry, but at other times it’s not. Have a look at our pointers below, and see if it’s time to start dusting off your CV again, or whether it’s reached the stage whereby you need to find something else fast….

You just want something else

There may come the time where you’re fairly happy and comfortable in a role, but you just want to be doing something else in a different place. Keep your eyes open for that perfect move at this stage.

Not being challenged

When you feel that you’ve reached your full potential with your current role, you’re not being challenged and you’re not learning anything new is a really good time to start thinking about looking around. It’s not so serious that you need to leave your present market research job immediately, but you’re in a good, strong position to start your hunt at this stage.

Colleagues are leaving

It’s always tricky when there are significant changes in personnel within an office or team. You spend a massive amount of time with people at work and if a number of colleagues leave at once, it can be really unsettling. Maybe this is the time to jump ship too?

Difficult boss

You’re unlikely to get through life without having one or two of difficult bosses, but is it now becoming too much? Are you getting near to the end of being helpful and diplomatic around them? Do you feel totally underappreciated the whole time? Probably time to start putting together the CV.

Passed over for promotion

It’s always really hard when you go for promotion and someone else gets it. Your confidence can take a huge blow, and many people would channel that energy into looking for something new in a different organisation.

Market Research Headhunters and recruiters want you

If you’re ready to take a look at what’s out there, never look a gift horse in the mouth!

When it’s getting serious

Obviously, when it reaches the stage whereby Monday mornings are filling you with so much dread that the worry begins on Saturday night, you are regularly taking sick days because you just can’t face it, the stress if becoming unmanageable and is beginning to affect your health and no change in circumstances in your current position would help, THIS IS THE TIME SERIOUSLY TO GET YOUR TELESCOPE OUT. Don’t delay, start now and get in contact with us about your next move…