Weekend Selection from Research Talent Hub

31 October 2015 Joanna Byerley

Visual storytelling in market research connects real-life experiences with insights. Using films in qualitative research has been popular for years now with more progressive market research agencies (many of which are our clients!). We’ll be talking more about 21st century qual research in our next week’s blog but now it’s time to relax! It’s the weekend and we are ready to watch a movie!

Therefore our Weekend Selection needs little introduction this week. You’ve either been working way too hard or you’ve literally had your head in the clouds this past week if you’ve missed the arrival of the new Bond film, Spectre. We’ve been listening to Sam Smith’s Bond theme song in eager anticipation for what seems like an eternity, but we can now go ourselves and ogle Daniel Craig/the Bond girls/the Aston Martin DB10 (please delete as appropriate). What a perfect way to spend an evening. We hope you have a ‘shaken’ and not ‘stirred’ weekend…