Jobs In Retail Tracking Research

14 October 2015 Joanna Byerley

Today’s Hot Job of The Day crown goes to … the role of Account Manager at a global Top 10 market research agency specialising in point of sale (or retail tracking) research!

So what exactly is the point of sales data? In a nutshell, POS data will give retailers insight into WHAT do consumers buy, WHEN and WHERE? Retail tracking is conducted at the point-of-sale and provides information pertaining to market size, market share, market trends, and pricing.

Analysis of the weekly point of sales data allows brands to react faster to changing market trends. Point of sales data is fact-based (consumer sales data) from a validated outlet channel. Based on the analysis of point of sales data the research agency uses quantified insights to track current consumer demand real-time and produces accurate forecasts of their clients’ future end-demand trends.

So what’s exciting about this particular market research job?

You’d love this job if you are passionate about retail research and are curious about trends affecting modern-day retailing. In your day-to-day job, you’ll give your clients a uniquely comprehensive picture of the market landscape. The reports and presentations you regularly produce will cover everything from broad market trends and shoppers’ personal values, to shoppers’ brand perception and after-sales satisfaction.

You’ll become an expert in your product category advising the clients on issues such as: how are specialist retailers performing compared to large-scale retailers? What are the latest dynamics of online versus brick-and-mortar shopping? How are your client’s products performing, compared to competitors? How can your client optimize their product assortment? You’ll identify what is happening at every point where shoppers experience your client’s brand, products or services and evaluate the specific influences that are driving their choices and behaviour at each point.

What skills do you need to succeed in the role of Account Manager in Retail Tracking?

You need to have excellent account management and client-facing skills and must genuinely like interacting with clients including answering their queries on a day-to-day basis, delivering presentations and reports. You have an analytical mind and are able to analyse large sets of data and come up with trends and engaging insights. If it sounds up your street please get in touch! The company invest heavily in training and career development of its employees. They have cross-departmental opportunities, great benefits, an annual bonus and a stimulating working environment.

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