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Job Hunting Tips That Will Help You To Get Hired NOW

15 August 2020 Joanna Byerley

Do you have any friends or colleagues who’ve been made redundant or are on furlough and worry about losing their jobs? Are you actively hunting for a new role but are frustrated with a silent treatment you get from recruiters or employers? Here is your chance to watch our LIVE webinar on-demand (streamed on 28th June) 🤖 Job Hunting Tips That Will Help You To Get Hired NOW 🤖 which addresses many questions we’ve been asked by jobseekers during COVID 19.

As a job hunter, it can be demoralising to send off scores of applications and receive no responses from recruiters or employers. It seems as though all of your hard work has been a complete waste, and can leave you extremely frustrated. The truth is, your CV won’t merely cut it if you want to secure you a job in such a competitive market. You need to consistently share your ‘brand story’ online so employers can find you quicker! So how do you start?

Watch our webinar to learn:

• Who’s hiring and current trends in the UK job market (market research, insights and data analytics)

• What job searching errors are you making right now

• How to create a LinkedIn profile that gets you hired

• How to curate winning online content to help you get headhunted

• Action plans and tips for a winning job-hunting strategy

• The number one way how to get hired today

We provided many useful job hunting tips that will hopefully help you to navigate your job market successfully during these difficult times. Good Luck!

PS: Please note that this webinar focuses on a job search in the market research & insight industry but can be helpful to a job seeker in any industry! Good luck ❤️