4 October 2020 Joanna Byerley

The recruitment industry can be re-invented, with massive benefits for clients, candidates and recruitment partners! How? – you’ll ask. It’s time to kill off the contingency recruitment. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Multi-listed job recruitment (aka farming your vacancy to 2, 3, 4, 5 different recruiters) is BAD for everyone! Speed over price, short cuts, CV racing, fee-discounts lead to poor service to candidates and clients. And… why recruiters shall spend 75% of their time on work they don’t get paid for? It’s insane.

Let’s examine why engaging multiple recruiters is not beneficial to your business:

  • Contingency recruitment is TOO slow (despite of you thinking you’re might be benefiting from recruiters competing against each other). You’ll never know when you are going to get CVs because these are drip-fed as and when …
  • Sorry to be blunt, but you don’t get a commitment from the recruiter. Why should they commit 100% to you if you only give them a 25% commitment (when you engage 4 recruitment agencies to fill your role). ‘If you don’t commit to me, I won’t commit to you!’. It makes sense, doesn’t it?
  • There is no structured process, no timeframes, and no expectations!
  • You’ll soon find out that you have too many people to deal with, even with one recruitment agency you might have two contacts, and then multiply it by the number of agencies being used! That’s going to be a lot of emails, in-mails, text messages etc. to respond to. With this comes duplication to time, effort and trawling through a huge number of irrelevant CV. Are you sure you’ve got the time for this in your already busy schedule?
  • You’ll undoubtfully get a lower quality of candidates (speed over quality). Fast past the finish line. CV race. Inconsistency. I can go on …

We believe that contingency recruiting is a dysfunctional model which must be avoided at all cost.

Consequently, at Research Talent Hub provide either EXCLUSIVE (ad-hoc hiring), RTH SEARCH (retained search) or fully OUTSOURCED hiring options (we’re your outsourced talent acquisition department – an extension of your company, fully embedded in your culture and internal processes). We simply believe that exclusivity breeds commitment and 100% fill rate.


Exclusive ad-hoc hiring services for when you need us to help. This includes non-branded advertising of positions, a proactive search of our ‘hubs’ using innovative sourcing techniques, a targeted shortlist of suitable candidates within 3 days of receiving your full brief and complete management of the recruitment process. On-going client communication, high-quality candidate experience and post-placement support are at the core of how we work. We guarantee four weeks timescale from briefing to completion. EXCLUSIVE HIRE terms apply.


Retain us exclusively for your senior briefs with Executive Search solution. Finding the right leader for your business is often a challenging and time-consuming process. RTH SEARCH is designed to help you to overcome challenges in a focused & diligent manner. We will collaborate with you to design a recruitment plan with clear objectives and agreed timescales. This service includes custom employer branding, highly targeted search and selection amongst passive candidates, complete management of the recruitment process and on-going support & metrics. RTH SEARCH terms apply.


Outsource your hiring needs to a strategic recruitment partner. This solution includes long-term recruitment planning with defined talent acquisition and retention goals, branded recruitment campaigns, search and selection, and the development and management of talent communities. We work as an extension of your business, managing the entire recruitment function and providing on-going retention support with market research, benchmarking, metrics and community engagement. OUTSOURCED PARTNER terms apply.