Choosing a Market Research Recruiter

17 February 2016 Joanna Byerley

Choosing a recruiter can be a bit like a game of chess – you have to think very carefully before moving and any career moves that you make have to be tactical. So how do you go about finding the best market research recruiter or market research recruitment agency for you? We’d like to share some of our top tips, having been in the industry a while.

Make sure you choose a recruiter that is a specialist in your industry. For example, our specialism is Market Research Recruitment. We go to numerous industry events such as Impact or Market Research Society Awards to name a few so we know many of the established market research companies and players, whilst getting to know the new kids on the block. We understand the world of Market Research, what your role involves, what your career progression should be, and your earning potential, and because of our relationships with market research and brand insight companies, we get the low-down on some of the jobs before they’re advertised. If you go to a more ‘general’ recruiter working across industries, you will miss out on that expertise!

Do your homework. Not wishing to give the more general industry of recruitment a bad name, but some recruiters out there that are better than others. Have a read through recruiters’ websites or LinkedIn profiles, pick up the phone and speak to them! Ask them questions about their service, see if you can find any independent reviews about them on the internet and surreptitiously find out if your colleagues used anyone good!

When looking at websites don’t only check that the recruiter is in the right industry, make sure that they recruit for the sort of positions that you’re after. Some concentrate on getting more people into graduate or entry-level roles and others push fewer for the higher-end, more senior & better-paid jobs. Others are good all-rounders (like us! We cover market research jobs from Graduate Research Executive level through to Research Director and Sector Head roles).

The way the wonderful world of recruitment works is that a company hires a recruiter to find excellent people to interview for a job at their organisation. Sometimes organisations build up a relationship with a recruiter and will use only one agency, and other companies will employ many. No matter how many recruiters an organisation uses, whoever brings the lucky candidate to the table will get the fee. It usually works on a no win no fee basis. So, if you ever have a recruiter asking you for money, please stay away from them!

Deciding to move jobs is a big decision, and you want to find a recruiter that can really help you through the process and who gets you the role that you and your career deserves. When considering the points above, make sure you trust your instincts – the gut feeling of who to go with is not something to be ignored.

Here at Research Talent Hub, we pride ourselves on our bijou size and boutique nature, and we are lucky to have a bespoke personal touch that means that we can create lasting relationships with many of the market research candidates we place. In the fast-paced world of market research, most candidates return to us when they want to make their next move.

If you would like to explore the start of a relationship with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be pleased to hear from you, and who knows, by using us you might never reach checkmate ….