Meet Anna – a researcher, strategist & copy writer!

Posted on April 7th, 2020 By Joanna Byerley No Comments

Week 3 of a lockdown. We hope everybody is keeping their spirits up! We have some very exciting news at Research Talent Hub (we NEED good news right now!). We are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with a super-talented Anna Chapman (we bonded over our mutual love of pineapples 🍍🍍💛😉).

Anna is a culture-obsessed researcher, strategist and copywriter hustling for freelance work during the lockdown. You can check her LI profile here.

Starting from today, we’ll be featuring Anna’s inspirational & heart-warming blog about the changes we are seeing in human behaviour during coronavirus lockdown.

Anna usually spends her working life hanging out with people, trying to understand what they’re doing and why. With the onslaught of Coronavirus, her freelance work has evaporated but her brain hasn’t turned off. She’s still fascinated with human behaviour; probably even more so as new cultural values are emerging out of enforced isolation. So, rather than following strangers around with a camera, she’s observing what’s happening online — groups that are springing up among her friends, connections and local community and drawing insights from there.

Enjoy the blog and contact Anna directly for any freelance gigs!

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