Long Live the Market Research Recruiter!

Posted on September 10th, 2015 By Joanna Byerley No Comments

Technology seems to be taking over our lives. We have mobile phones that aren’t just phones, they are mobile offices. They are our computer on the go, our diary, our camera, our alarm clock etc. All these different pieces of technology are rolled into one hand-held device. We wonder whether that could have imagined being back in the day when a single computer could take up a huge room? As we go forward technology is not only being rationalised, but also it is being developed to cater for the needs that we never knew we had? For example, you can now just as easily order a robotic vacuum cleaner online as you can a regular manually operated one and last year a company in Japan launched ‘Pepper’, a personal robot designed to be a companion or caregiver for children or the elderly. But would we trust those pieces of technology to do our cleaning and more importantly look after our nearest and dearest?

In the world of recruitment there are always new and innovative networks and platforms being offered as the ideal way to remove the need for the recruiter, and the expense that comes with using one. So what if one of them works? Will it make the need for market research recruitment consultants obsolete?

LinkedIn worked out quite early on that the recruiter was going to be one of their biggest customers, and to capitalise on that by encouraging recruiters to sign up for premium accounts. However, many of the newer networks and platforms are trying to miss out ‘the middle man’ and save companies some money by doing so. By losing this integral part of the chain of recruitment, means missing out on the human touch. There is no one managing the process of recruitment between the company and the prospective employee. There is no expert listening and keeping the lines of communication open and negotiating on behalf of both parties. Technology cannot do this.

So, rather than trust your hoovering to a robotic vacuum cleaner or the care of your loved ones to ‘Pepper’, similarly we’re not sure that you’d want to trust such an important thing as your market research career to whatever technology may or may not find for you. It’s best to call your trusted recruiter. You know them, and more importantly, they know you. ‘Long live the market research recruiter’!

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