Tips for Refreshing Your Market Research CV

Posted on May 2nd, 2016 By Joanna Byerley No Comments

Are you thinking about applying for a new job in market research? Has it been a while? Do you need to dust off your CV from a few years ago? If you want to inject some change into your career in market research and insight, then follow these five easy steps to refreshing your CV and see where it could take you!

1. Format/Design – Has your CV always used the same format? Take this opportunity to do a bit of research to see if there might be a better structure or design for you. There are heaps of examples on the internet and you can download templates to work on. Make some changes and mix things up a bit!

2. Update Current Role – Obviously it’s a given, but you need to put your current market research job onto your CV if it’s not already there, and spend some time thinking about what you can add in terms of skills and achievements that you’ve gained at your workplace.

 3. Edit Earlier Roles – If you have worked in a number of market research agencies, it might be the time to lose one or two or your earlier roles, or the positions of responsibility you held at university etc, or to reduce the text under those roles/positions.

4. Language – Go through and assess all the language that you’ve used on your CV. Make sure you include keywords and phrases where you can, and make every word work for you. Ensure that everything is essential and that it’s doing its job of showcasing your skills, attributes and experience.

5. Profile – When embarking on the quest for a new role, make sure you completely rewrite your top-line profile (the profile should be a ‘living, breathing and evolving organism’ that you can adapt every time you apply for a new job in market research). Start again with something new – don’t just rework what you’ve written before. You’ve moved on and are hoping to move up – do something new.

And don’t forget to tailor your CV when applying for specific market research job applications! Qualitative jobs call for different skills to quantitative roles or hybrid positions. Good luck research and insight job hunters, and if you’d like us to give you a helping hand, please get in touch…..

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