Advanced Analytics Jobs in Leeds

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The advanced analytics market is on an upward trajectory!

The constant realigning of business processes is reliant on examination of data and content using sophisticated techniques, and tools beyond those of traditional business intelligence. Advanced analytics is used by forward-looking brands to discover deeper insights, make predictions and generate strategic recommendations. Smart brands use analytics to make more predictive and real-time decisions regarding consumer needs and a wide range of critical business decisions.

Progressive market research agencies incorporate Advanced Analytics (often known as Data Science or Marketing Science hubs) into their integrated teams to enable their clients to delve more into data and build accurate business strategies. We are delighted to be working with such ground-breaking integrated insight agency in the North (Leeds based)! They are currently looking for someone keen on getting involved in all aspects of managing projects and not purely analytical delivery (think proposal writing, script checking to full debrief preparation). They want an individual who loves advanced analytics, understands data, how it’s structured, and how to manipulate it!

A foundation is statistics will be ideal in but not a prerequisite for this role as this consultancy is looking for researchers (at either Research Manager or Associate Director’s level) who are passionate to learn how to apply analytical techniques to real-world business challenges! If you are less experienced Analytical Consultant, they will train you on methods, if necessary, as long as you show an aptitude for statistical analysis and manipulating data. Ideally, though, you are very familiar with segmentation, drivers analysis, regression techniques, conjoint analysis, market stimulation, TURF, CHAID etc. Depending on the experience you’ll be managing your own accounts, as well as more significant strategic projects with the broader team.

I hope that by now you are excited about this role, but what’s the agency like? What’s the company’s culture? Well, we love so much about them that this post is too short to list it all but some exciting things me must mention include:

  • A collaborative team of friendly folk who love what they do and will make you incredibly welcome from day one
  • An eclectic mix of clients, so you are never bored
  • A totally flexible culture (and we mean flexible!) – you choose the hours, and you can work remotely when needed. No hassle!
  • Very competitive salaries (as a guide, c £42k for Analytical Consultant and a competitively higher package for AD level statistical consultant)
  • Truly remarkable bonuses – yes, you are financially rewarded for your hard graft because even if it’s fun to work there, you still need to pay your bills (and go on holiday!)
  • Hmm, HOLIDAYS … how do 30 days sound to you? And all bank holiday plus the office is closed between Xmas & NY… Too good to be true?

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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