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Creating new knowledge is the very foundation of both market research and what we do. Simply put, we use our experience in insights consultancy, coaching and AI industry contacts to explore the market research, real-time insights, UX Research and data science sector to find new talent and exciting jobs.

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noun: hub; plural noun: hubs

The central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate.
Synonyms: pivot, axis, fulcrum, centre, centre point.

The effective centre of an activity, region, or network.
Synonyms: centre, centre of activity, core, heart, focus, focal point, middle, nucleus, kernel.

If you are looking to tap into a pool of the best talent or the best companies, our hubs are at the centre of it all.


We offer talent solutions across our specialist hubs:

Market Research & Insights
AI & Data Science
Strategy & Innovation


Looking to fill a business-critical role or find a replacement when time pressure is on and the clock is ticking? Relax. We’got it covered!

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Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy Partners

We believe in helping people and organisations live the definitions of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

  • We regularly run Diversity, Equality & Inclusion events and workshops with our trusted Consultancy Partners 
  • Our focus is on delivering a workable diverse hiring strategy for recruiting research candidates and growing insight talent within organisations

Freelance Consultant Hub

Our curated network of the best Freelance Consultants bringing Market Research, Insights, Data Science, AI & UX Research businesses temporary support when you need it!

  • Ready to hire Interim Talent? Send us your brief below and we will respond within an hour
  • Freelance Market Research Consultant? Partner with Freelance Talent Hub for access to exclusive insights contracts and free events!

Public Sector Hiring Consultancy

We are a leading talent acquisition consultancy for the public sector and government departments who wish to add insights, market research, data science and user research talent to their teams.

  • Ready to hire permanent, interim or freelance talent to deliver your health, social care, community or business goals?
  • As a member of our hub, you’ll have access to some of the most in-demand candidates from our networks. Get in touch with our Outsourced team!

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Put simply, career coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the future. Transformative coaching is unlocking your potential to maximise your own performance. It is helping you to learn rather than teaching you.

  • Our sister company Career Coaching Hub is launching soon!
  • We are offering bespoke 1-2-1 programmes within our Career Coaching and Career Consulting Hubs
  • Register your interest in our Career Coaching Hub’s Solutions now

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Joanna Byerley

Founding Partner

Joanna is curious, relentless, and passionate about people and new ideas. She's been in market research & insights recruitment, consumer insight platforms, talent consultancy and career coaching for longer than she dares to admit. She is fascinated by unlocking potential and aims to inspire her market research, insights, UX research and AI analysts partners with a sense of the possible, and how to achieve it.

Joanna regularly runs webinars to share her learnings with anyone who loves diversity & inclusion, insights, innovation or digital trends. Outside of work, she is always on a hunt for stories, knowledge or an enlightening debate (often with her 11-year-old). She loves discovering new restaurants and dislikes gym activities that don’t involve a pilates session. In her next life, she will be running a luxury boutique hotel to fuel her passion for meeting interesting individuals from diverse cultures.

Joanna would love to connect with you and help you with your talent branding, hiring strategy, diversity & inclusion coaching, or job search and career development.

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Our Partners

We are continuously growing and partnering with businesses and individuals in the market research, insight, consultancy and coaching space. We collaboratively work with cultural insight and diversity partners including Luminance Insight.

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