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What on earth is Media Auditing you may ask? Quite rightly so! Many of our lovely Graduates eager to embark on a career in research or analytics are often puzzled when questioned by an over-enthusiastic market research recruiter “Do you want to work in Media Auditing?”. “Media errr … what?”. Exactly!

One of our core media consultancy clients defines media auditing as ‘the practice of checking that the media which an advertiser has bought is in the right places, at competitive prices’. Why should a company bother to carry out a media audit? As we all know, media is typically the largest line-item in one’s marketing budget, and for many businesses an advert on the radio or TV is actually the single biggest purchase they make! Media audit can easily control whether the advertiser’s return on investment (ROI) is sound; it’s that simple!

So who needs media auditing? Hmm, almost everyone who invests in media needs to measure and control huge ad spend budget! Marketing managers need to validate their ROI in the chosen media platforms. Media buying & planning agencies or creative agencies need to justify their fee. Everyone in the chain has to be somehow accountable for the money spent on advertising and media auditing provides the client with objective feedback on how their media agency is performing.

So what exactly are you going to be involved in as a Graduate Media Auditor (also often referred to as Media Analyst or Media Exec?). Let’s find out!

You’ll work across a number of client accounts, and your main initial responsibility might be the collection and processing of data for the media audit product. This will involve liaising with media agencies to organise and coordinate the data supply, then analysing the data using in-house systems and techniques to help prepare media audit presentations! The knowledge you gain during your graduate post will enable you to progress to a Consultant role providing media consultancy support to clients and dealing with a broad range of ad hoc media related subjects.

How about training & career development – something Generation Z is very keen on! You will typically train across all elements of media auditing including offline media – TV, press, radio outdoor, and digital. You are most likely to receive a mixture of in-house and external coaching, and will usually start with a fixed schedule across the first few weeks. Some companies offer a mentor to ensure you acquire the necessary skill base to succeed in the media analytics industry.

Who is most likely to secure a graduate job in media auditing? Someone who is statistically minded (though you might have studied Psychology, Geography, Research Methods or a similar subject as long as it’s not Media Studies – sorry!), with a demonstrable numerical ability and a secret love of Excel. You must have a genuine interest in the Media & Comms Industry (know your TV adverts – which ads put a smile on your face or equally make you cringe!?). Having some experience in the media industry is always useful but don’t worry if you haven’t got any! As long as you can make a distinction between major UK media owners and media agencies, you should do just fine!

Sounds exciting? Get in touch please as we have a cracking Graduate Job in Media Analysis (Auditing), a Senior Media Executive role focusing on UK offline media & an interesting Senior Media Consultant post! Check our Jobs page for more details. Thanks!

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