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Research Talent Hub is going bananas for apples this weekend!

Whether you believe, like those meteorologists out there, that Autumn starts on the 1st September, or you go by the astronomical calendar which means that Autumn has only just started, there’s no denying it, it is now Autumn!

So what happens in the Autumn?

Obviously, the nights get shorter, everything in the garden starts to mellow, the leaves turn to beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red, and we start to bring inside whatever is left that’s still edible and that’s growing outside. ‘What has this got to do with me?’ we hear you say. ‘I live in a flat in London – I can’t grow anything outside’. But you’re unlikely to get away from it. Here in the UK we’ve had a mega, bumper crop of apples this year. It’s been perfect growing conditions for those crunchy little red and green pieces of fruit, and even if you don’t regularly come into contact with actual apple trees on your daily commute into Central London, if you visit any farmer’s markets you will most certainly see a whole load of apples.

Similarly, and if you understand the theory of how supply and demand interact with each other, you are likely to see some savings apples when you do your supermarket shop. So, assuming you can sneak some into your shopping basket, what can you do with the little fellas if you’ve got the time this weekend? These are Research Talent Hub’s top five of things to do with apples (after all we are not all about jobs in market research though we love helping out with market research recruitment!). Enjoy …

In fifth place, we’ve got apple cake. This can be deliciously moist cake and is especially good when made with a large sprinkling of cinnamon.

Fourth place goes to mulled cider. Warm and spicy, this apple drink (served with diced real apples) can really get you an autumnal mood and geared up for Halloween and Bonfire night.

Our third spot goes to baked apples. A friend of brown sugar, raisins, sultanas and whatever else you care to put in, baked apples are a delicious and warming way to finish a meal.

Second place goes to apple chutney. When left to mellow for a few months (it will be perfect made now and eaten at Christmas) apple chutney is the perfect accompaniment to a ploughman’s style lunch.

The winner, however, has got to be apple crumble. No Sunday lunch in the Autumn is complete without a good old apple crumble – and you can throw in some foraged blackberries for good measure too if you like! Definitely the best apple recipe in our opinion!

We hope you have a good weekend, and remember, an apple a day…..

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