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Posted on February 7th, 2016 By Joanna Byerley No Comments

Since the start of the new year, we’ve been exploring ways of keeping healthy in our Weekend Selections here at Research Talent Hub – the leading market research recruiters. We’ve suggested bouncing off some of the festive pounds by visiting London’s first trampoline park and trying to eat right, but still be able to eat out, by visiting one of a few detox restaurants in the capital. But what we haven’t explored is a way of keeping your mind healthy and exercised.

We use our brains all day everyday, especially at work, but are we really exercising them? The answer maybe yes for some of you, but for others of you, you might be able to do your job standing on your head at the moment.

So how can you exercise one of your body’s biggest organs?

We’ve been looking into this and found an excellent website FITBRAINS  which does just that through games, activities and puzzles which challenge both your cognitive and emotional intelligence. And the best thing is, is that you can try before you buy at the moment, so it’s worth having a go to see if you like it and find it helps you get intellectually exercised! Oh, and if you can do your Market Research job standing on your head at the moment, it sounds like you’re in line for a new role, so perhaps you should get in touch…..

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