HNY! Finding a Job Whilst Employed

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It is generally acknowledged that the start of a new year is the busiest time to start looking for a new job. It certainly feels that way in the world of Market Research Recruitment! The statistic goes that 2 out of 5 people in London will start to look for that new position when they return to work after the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Here, at Research Talent Hub, we thought that we would help you all the jobseekers by giving you some ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of searching for a new job when your actually currently already employed in your present one. It’s a tricky thing to navigate, but follow these pointers as best you can, and you will prove that it can be done!

DO stay in your current position and give it your best. By being employed you come from a massive position of strength. This is for many reasons. Firstly, employers tend to think that the ‘best people’ are currently employed. Secondly, you don’t have to explain why you’re unemployed. Thirdly, you’re in a much better bargaining position for the terms of a new role if you are currently employed, and finally, you probably don’t have an endless supply of income!

DON’T be tempted to tell anyone at work. It’s one thing having a conversation with your manager/HR manager to see if there may be any new opportunities/projects arising that might develop your personal skills base (with a subtext of seeing if there might be anything new happening soon that you don’t want to miss out on), but it’s quite another to tell even your bestie at work that you are actively job searching.  If your current employer finds out that you want to be on the move, they may start taking responsibilities away from you or they might work you for all they can get! However, if someone does approach you and has found out that you potentially want to leave, be honest with them.

DO ask a prospective employer not to contact your current place of work and don’t use anyone at your place of work as a referee.

DON’T mention anything about your job search on any social media, but do make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date (without saying that you are searching for a new role!). Also make sure that that a professional picture accompanies your LI profile.

DO use Market Research recruiters (like us!). We can save you a great deal of time, and quite often have access to job specs that aren’t generally advertised.

DON’T search for work during company time or use their resources. They may be tracking your online activity, and you need to stay focussed on your current job. Be organised about your search and schedule interviews for outside of work hours (and make sure you don’t dress differently – that’s a dead give away!) Keep to your normal routine so no one can suspect anything!

DO hand in your notice in writing if you are successful in your current search, and be prepared to leave on resignation – some companies don’t want you to work out your notice. Make sure you’ve done your personal ‘housekeeping’ to avoid any problems with needing to head off when they want you to.

Gone are the days when people work for the same organisation for decades. Now we tend to think of our career as one long job search! If you keep to the dos and don’ts above, it may help you throughout many decades in different organisations! Good luck with your search, and if you need any assistance please get in contact with us or see our list of current market research jobs here.

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