Back To School … September Is Here!

Posted on August 26th, 2015 By Joanna Byerley No Comments

Does anyone else start to get that ‘Back to School’ feeling at this time of year? Pictures of teenagers receiving their GCSE and A-level results on the front of the newspapers have come and gone, the August bank holiday has almost arrived, and some of us feel very obliged to browse and purchase some new stationery. The school year is so engrained in the British way of life that many people feel like the arrival of September is more like the start of a new year than our actual calendar new year. Many of us tend to start September a little bit fresher than after Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, and consequently our resolutions can sometimes last a bit longer too!

This ‘Back to School’ time is a busy period in the recruitment industry. The making of resolutions while sipping a cocktail on a beautiful beach somewhere, means that when lots of fabulous people return home from their hols, they have decided that it’s time to make a move, and they ideally want to settle into something (and receive a couple of paycheques!) before Christmas is upon us once more. If you’re reading this, maybe you are one of those people. So what can you do to make that move possible and to find that perfect new job?

Well firstly, you might actually want to visit that stationery shop, because you are going to need to take a red pen to your CV. Sit down and review your CV. Really take it apart – see what sells yourself on there. Remove some of the out-dated things on there that might not be so relevant, and include all the amazing skills you have developed and new things that you have been doing in your current post. Make sure it’s punchy, tidy and there are absolutely no typos!

Secondly, rewrite your covering statement/letter. Don’t even read your old one through. Start afresh and write something completely new that says where you are now and why you want this potential position at this point in time.

Finally, please make sure you audit your online presence before applying for new jobs. Ensure your LinkedIn profile reflects your new spangly CV and covering statement, and pop a new professional profile picture up there too for good measure.

So, if you’ve done all that and you’re ready to go, please browse all our current job opportunities and get in touch with us to let us know you are on the hunt for a new position. And don’t forget to take an apple for the teacher!

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