Creating new knowledge is the very foundation of both market research and what we do. Simply put, we use our experience and industry contacts to explore the market research & insight sector to find new talent and exciting environments.

Over the years we’ve successfully recruited top market research and insight talent.

Our thorough understanding of qualitative and planning, quantitative, insight, analysis, trends, strategy and innovation, social media and web analytics, communities and mobile, field and operations means we know exactly what skills are required in each research discipline.

What sets our market research recruitment offer apart is our boutique environment which allows for focused attention, personalised service and 100% commitment extending well beyond the traditional search process.


What’s in the name?


noun: hub; plural noun: hubs

The central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate.
Synonyms: pivot, axis, fulcrum, centre, centre point.

The effective centre of an activity, region, or network.
Synonyms: centre, centre of activity, core, heart, focus, focal point, middle, nucleus, kernel, nerve centre.

If you are looking to tap into a pool of the best talent or the best companies, our hubs are at the centre of it all.

We are a new breed of the market research recruitment agency because we are not defined by KPI’s and commission structures. Born in 2012, Research Talent Hub is our reinvention of recruitment based on bespoke services for both candidates and clients’ networks.


Joanna Byerley
Founding Partner

Joanna is curious, relentless, and passionate about people and new ideas. She’s been in market research recruitment for longer than she dares to admit. Joanna is fascinated by unlocking potential and aims to inspire her market research candidates and clients with a sense of the possible, and how to achieve it.

Outside of work, Joanna is always on a hunt for stories, knowledge or an enlightening debate (often with her 9-year-old). She loves discovering new restaurants and dislikes gym activities that don’t involve a kettle ball. In her next life, she will be running a boutique hotel to fuel her passion for meeting interesting individuals from diverse cultures.

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